DOOM Like This

DOOM (formerly MF Doom) has been one of my top five MCs since the release of Madvillainy. And even though his production skills are not quite up to the level of his sublimely hazy, stream-of-consciousness flow, I still dig his use of sample material that sounds like it's been lifted straight off of a 60s superhero cartoon TV show.

That being said, my fondness for DOOM has exponentially increased with the release of his latest album, Born Like This. Not only is the title in reference to a Bukowski line from "Dinosauria, We", but Bukowski's reading of the poem is also sampled for the track "Cellz." I wanted to find some more about the new album and came across this quote from a Rolling Stone blog post:
“Don’t freak with old Buke. Buke is nice. He’s as good as the rest of the rappers on there,” Doom says. “He kind of sets the tone for the record, being that we’re living in what he was kind of describing. He might’ve been reaching for the worst description based on what he saw us heading to, but it happened and that made me go, ‘Wow, that’s ill. Kinda prophetic words.’ ”
Bonus points to DOOM for correct usage of the nickname (although the transcription should have read 'Buk').

As for my quick thoughts on the new album: "Wow, that's ill. Kinda prophetic words."

Here's a youtube for "Cellz"

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