When did the cleverness of porn parody titles fade away? I remember the days when you could walk through those saloon doors and find a copy of Schindler's Fist, Punky Jizzster or Get Shorty... A Towel. Nowadays, there's a new trend in unoriginal and un-punny porn titles. Now it's all [insert original title]: a XXX parody. Granted, some of these look inspired, like the Seinfeld one, or the almost shot for shot (with extra sex) remake of The Big Lebowski, but really, can you come up with something a little better? Aren't there guys out there whose job it is to come up with snappy porn titles? Did this art form get lost after the great writer's strike of ought seven?

This all came about after seeing the latest iteration of this phenomenon. Batman, the XXX Parody. I applaud it for going for the old school Batman show route, and really sexing up Bat-Girl the way I always liked to remember her. Even semen-al (see what I did there?) wacky, big dicked porn thespian Evan Stone plays the Riddler to seemingly perfection.

Get out you bat-cuffs, your bat-lube and your bat-dildo and have at it!

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