A List: Song Titles About Having an Above Average Day

Lou Reed - Perfect Day (1972)
"You're going to reap / just what you sow..."

U2 - Beautiful Day (2000)
"See the Bedouin fires at night..."

Madvillain - Great Day (2004)
"My posse's on Broadway like 'Mama I want to sing'..."

Ice Cube
- Today Was a Good Day (1993)
"It's ironic / I had the booze she had the chronic / the Lakers beat the SuperSonics..."

The Beatles - Good Morning Good Morning (1967)
Wikipedia says: Inspired by a Corn Flakes commercial.

Kanye West - Good Morning (2008)
video by Takashi Murakami


ps: the songs are listed in descending order of how good the day was.

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