Classic Television: Classic Albums: Nevermind

So in case you missed it, VH1 (Classic?) airs the series Classic Albums, which is a great program about the production of some of the best/most influential albums around. They did one in 2005 on Nirvana's Nevermind that absolutely, positively blew my mind. I finally got around to buying the DVD yesterday and watched it again with the volume all the way up.

Although this program made me go back and reevaluate every Nirvana song I've ever heard, it's hard to say who I gained more respect for: Nirvana or Butch Vig. That guy is an absolute genius. If Mozart or Beethoven had been born in modern times, I feel like they would be doing what Vig does. He truly has a sixth sense when it comes to music.

While some of the coolest parts of the episode are the background on the band and hearing the remaining members describe the experience first hand, the true highlights are when Vig is dissecting the tracks right in front of your eyes/ears. Interviews with a bald and dumpy Krist Novaselik and a minorly jealous/bitter Sonic Youth frontman are interesting and add a lot to the program, but there's no denying that these clips make the show:

Gives me chills. Anyway, if you get a chance to pick up this DVD or catch it on TV (I think it still runs on VH1 from time to time), I highly recommend it. Very enlightening.

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deepcomputerblue said...

this particular episode of classic albums has earned coveted 'keep until i delete' status on my dvr, along with the inhalant-girl episode of intervention ("i feel like i'm walkin' on sunshine!!!"). good times all around.