Making it with chu

So it's no secret that I loves me some Queens of the Stone Age. There's just something about how they rock pretty hard but pull it off in a melodic way, all while having a singer that occasionally sounds like a classically-trained falsetto.... Just awesome. I checked out their new video for "Sick Sick Sick" and I like what I see. It's not groundbreaking or mind-blowingly awesome (like the video for "Go With the Flow"), but it really sets a weirdly dark and sensual mood that goes well with the song. I was glad that they chose this as a single because it's really grown on me. Watch the video and let it grow on you.

Sick Sick Sick - Queens of the Stone Age - Queens of the Stone Age

Also, so I don't make two separate posts about QOTSA and seem like I work for them, check out a live rendition of "Make It Wit Chu" fronted by Cee-Lo with Dave Grohl on the drums. By the way, this song is way sexier and cooler than I originally gave it credit for (compare it to the live version, which may be the catchiest song I've heard in years).


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deepcomputerblue said...

really dug the cee-lo clip. if i'm not mistaken, it's a performance taken from the mtv vma's (2007?) in vegas (the one where britney looked wobbly/stoned), and really emphasizes how cool it must've been to party in those off-stage suites. i remember on one of the rebroadcasts they went to break with serj from system of a down fronting the foo fighters singing 'holiday in cambodia'. genre-crossing collaborations such as these are all to the good in my book.