Best Coast

Drew Barrymore directed a supervideo for Best Coast with an all-star (for me) cast. It's got Hit Girl, iCarly, Maeby and Childish Gambino.

She directed the feature, WHIP IT. I enjoyed it, but I'm a sucker for roller derby as well. Drew's a competent director, but nothing overly flashy or stylish. I felt some performances were left on the table in WHIP IT, but still pretty good, especially for a first time director. In this video, the post-modern West Side Story is kinda timeless and cool, but you can see the twist from a mile away, which makes it super irritating. It's a bit silly (only Donald Glover could make being a Day Trotter look cool), and I think the length hurts it. If the titles are removed and condensed it a bit, it could flow much better without losing any of the story or emotion.

Just for kicks, he's another Best Coast video. This one starring cats. With stellar casting like this, I feel like they're speaking to me personally. Time to go find more of their stuff.

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