NBA Numerology

I've been trying to work as much sports-viewing as my schedule will allow these days. (Current rotation: NBA/NHL playoffs, UEFA Champions League/EPL and baseball.)

I'm most excited for the start of the NBA playoffs. One thing I've noticed is that the current crop of vanguard stars are taking on more single-digit uniform numbers.

Aside from Kobe switching from #8 to #24 (attributable to sexual assault allegations) you have LeBron going from #23 to #6 (post-Decision) & Carmelo going from #15 to #7 (& even KG going from #21 to #5).

Now consider the current stars: CP3, Stoudemire & Rose #1, John Wall #2 (he can Dougie!), Wade #3, Deron Williams & Rajon Rondo #8.

I have a theory that the shift is due to the most recent Olympics team (2008 gold medal) and its positive experience team-building in Beijing. Because FIBA (basketball's international governing body) requires uniform numbers between 4-15 during international competition (including the Olympics), many established NBA players had to eschew their professional number for a different number. Make of these facts what you will.


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