Odd Future on Jimmy Fallon

Deepcomputerblue introduced me to these dudes when he had a spare ticket to their LA show a few months back. While some of their antics are kind of juvenile, it's to be expected, they're pretty young. No doubt, they're immensely talented, and once they get over the shock for shock value thing, or harness it better, things will get very interesting.

Also, do you think Brandon T Jackson's not used to not being the coolest guy in the room? With the Roots, Odd Future, Forrest Whitaker and Mos Def combined with the fact he's there promoting the latest installment of Big Mama's house, Brandon's gotta feel a little inadequate, no? I'm sure he's got a pile of cash and ladies anyway, so I'm sure he's doing fine. Maybe, though, it will inspire him to not make such crap fests in the future.

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