Faygo Showers at the Horror-Rap Hajj


After reading this Vice magazine account of the 2007 Gathering of the Juggalos I find myself full of questions, especially in light of the Juggalo-on-Tila-Tequila violence that marred this year's festivities. Here now, are some:

Wait, so they've been doing these for years? How long? [Since 2000, according to Wikipedia.] And Faygo isn't Juggalo slang for faggot, as I had assumed for years? It's actually a soda? Like, a real soda made in Detroit? And it isn't owned by ICP? How desperate for money & attention is Tila Tequila if she's performing at the GotJ? Wait, didn't Hannibal Buress also perform at this year's GotJ? [He sure did.] Who the hell books this thing? How much money are they making off this? Does this mean ICP are savvy businessmen? How does this affect the credibility of their newfound mission to bring Juggalos to God???

It was at this point that I found JuggaloGathering.com and got caught up in reading Violent J's GotJ recap which included reference to ICP's latest film, "Big Money Rustlas" [which would make for a great #fakebandnames].

In a related note, the knowledge I gained from reading the Vice piece makes this SNL skit about 25 - 33 % funnier because of the level of detail included in the parody. Until next time, my ninjas...


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