Childish Gambino @ The Bootleg

I think this was the first concert since this blog started that deepcomputerblue, Stroker Ace and myself attended together (The last was an Atmosphere show in Long Beach that was pretty killer).

Mr. Donald Glover performed his third ever show in this tiny plywood theater last Thursday. I think it was the highest per-capita congregation of beards at a hip-hop show ever. Liking something so cool has never made me feel so uncool and old as when I'm surrounded by so many jeggings, fat Blossom and PBR (though I drank one in an effort be thrifty, only realizing I looked like a douche for a measly $1).

Despite all his professional success, Donald Glover isn't a household name, let alone a recognizable "that guy." After watching him perform, and listening to his lyrics over and over, there is definitely something there. He's attacking pop-culture from all these angles, before people are tired of him in one venue and are cynical of his new ventures.

Anyhow, the show was pretty great. D did a good job of reviewing the album, and he delivered in spades live. It wasn't like the show had crazy energy and he was mind blowing live. Instead, you can see an artist on the verge of breaking through.

Favorite line from the album: I eat more pussy than ALF.

He'll start popping up as a role player in a bunch of feature films. You'll hear his music someplace and when someone says, this is Childish Gambino, you'll be like "yeah, I've heard this before." He'll start popping up in a bunch of Funny or Die videos, there will a Troy and Abed web series to support Community and eventually he'll be starring in movies and selling out the Gibson Amphitheater. 

I could totally be wrong, and usually am but definitely check him out either live, download his album or simply watch Community. Anyhow, here's a taste of his show.

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Fat Blossom was fat.