Ambling Alp Video

Allow me to write a little bit about the song before addressing the weirdly brilliant video clip. I've been listening to a lot of Yeasayer lately and enjoying their skewed, off-kilter take on synthesizer pop. They sound to me like a very earnest electro-pop rock band that is constantly high on DMT.

"Ambling Alp" is my favorite track off their latest album, Odd Blood. I especially love the randomness that the song is named after an old-timey boxer from the 1920s (Primo Carnera), for seemingly no apparent reason.

ANYWAY, the video, directed by Radical Friend, is kind of high-brow in an avant-garde way. Watching it I know that it is of high quality, but I am not a sophisticated enough student of film to clearly express why; it's like how I feel after watching There Will Be Blood, another evocative film of high quality.

Note: this clip is NSFW due to naked people.


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