[SNL Music] Lady Gaga

I finally had a chance to sit down and enjoy an episode of SNL. I actually thought Ryan Reynolds would be funnier within the format of the show, but it seems like there was a lot more attention paid to big-name cameos (Madonna, ScarJo, Elijah Wood, et al.) throughout the episode.

That being said, there were some musically noteworthy moments.

The Digital Short ("On the Ground") was pretty good--or at least better than either of the two that aired during last week's season premiere. Others might disagree, however, as it's already been established that your humble authors are all pretty big TLI marks. (dk, & pd for example.) I enjoyed the parody of angry, self-righteous 'underground' hip-hop. It felt like a Def Jux b-side.

As for Gaga, I came away thinking that she was a talented and charismatic performer, but also that perhaps dame Gaga might think her music is more culturally important than it will eventually become regarded. Kanye (incidentally, who until recently was supposed to embark on a tour with Gaga) I feel may also think this same way.

The second performance was Gaga's best, involving a piano, copious amounts of stage fog and metallic, gyroscoping rings. Head writer Seth Meyers tweeted that it was a top-5 musical performance for him in all his years on the show. I'm not sure what to make of that, though.


Here's the digi short

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