Kanye & Spike Jonze - We Were Once a Fairytale

Because I am a long-time Kanye mark and I read his (supposedly self-authored) blog regularly, I caught this ten-minute short film collaboration with Spike Jonze that was subsequently taken down a couple days after I watched it. The internet being what it is, however, I've embedded another version I found online, so watch it before it gets taken down, even if it does run a bit long in parts.

Some interesting points:

1) The song playing in the club while Kanye is drunk is "Tell Everybody That You Know," a line from which is used as the title of the short (we were once a fairytale / but this is farewell).

2) The song on the radio when Kanye is either banging some random chick/couch is Mayer Hawthorne's "When I Said Goodbye," the b-side to the "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out" single off of Stones Throw. Hearing that song was probably my favorite part of the whole clip.

3) At the climax, I thought back to this video. Pretty similar.

4) What with this film and the recent Where the Wild Things Are adaptation, Spike Jonze has pretty much cornered the market on creepy puppets.


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