(It's Time For) Sports!

If there's one thing I've learned in trying to consistently write in this blog, it's that it can be difficult to focus for extended periods of time on the music world at large. For that reason, I'd like to really explore the studio space here and express my excitement for the upcoming months of sports.

To recap, we are in the home stretch of the (interminably long) baseball season, which means that playoff baseball and the World Series are only a couple months away.

Just three weeks ago the English Premier League kicked off, and I already have a feeling from the first games that it will be an exciting season. I've decided to throw my support from here on out behind Manchester United (the New York Yankees of the EPL), which I defend by pointing out that they have a Korean-born player (Ji-Sung Park), and also that United's games are broadcast liberally stateside. Jeff has already told me that he will be supporting Liverpool this year--Matt, you need to jump on a team as well.

And of course we have the NFL season right around the corner and the NBA/NHL starting about a month after that. All in all, it is a good time of the year for sport.


PS: the Tim & Eric song is awesome.

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punch-drunk said...

I was just thinking the other day "So much soccer talk, it must be August."

This is really the doldrums of the sports year. I'm actually excited about pre-season football.

Don't know if I can hop on the EPL fad. Between the NHL and curling, I already follow too many sports American's don't care about. Perhaps I should move to Vancouver.

Also, you totally forgot to back link to the previous sports video: