The 80's

I wish I had some other insights to share on the 80's, but really I just wanted to share this picture. I nabbed it off and it's almost perfect. Besides the framed picture of a De Lorean and the leather jackets, I love that they're doing coke of a mirror that says "cocaine" in the Coca-Cola font.

Basically, all I know about the 80's are from John Hughes movies, American Psycho, KROQ Flash Back Lunches (though they're Rock of the 90's lunches now, I hear), and the first season of Saved by the Bell.

Generally, I dislike the eighties. Maybe I'm just jealous I didn't get to listen to Huey Lewis and the News, wear a leather jacket over my sleeveless shirt, don a wispy mustache and have coke benders in the basement.

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+1 for effective tag usage.