Dam-Funk & The Rappin' Reverend

I'm listening to the new Stones Throw podcast, a Dam-Funk mix called "Spiritual Flight." The whole thing is really worth a listen, but I'm absolutely blown away by the 4th track: THE RAPPIN' REVEREND DR. C. DEXTER WISE, III - “I Ain't Into That” (Short Version) ~ 1986 12” | Fantasy Records.

My initial assumption was that this was not a real person. I was wrong.

As the " Rappin' Reverend " , Dr. Wise recorded his first rap album "I Ain't Into That! " which was the number one song on the number one rhythm and blues station in Detroit, Michigan. The song soared to number fourteen on the dance charts in London, England in the summer of 1987. Other Rappin' Reverend publications are his book " I Ain't Into That! " (The Book) and his rap album, "Crack Attack". There is also a book called Be A Man which compliments his rap song on male responsibility. Also in connection with this, The Rappin’ Reverend went on a fifty school tour and in ninety days got more than 18,000 Columbus Ohio school children to make public commitments to live drug free, crime free and alcohol free lives.

[mind blown]

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