You're a Zero

Really diggin' on the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's album, It's Blitz. It's a continuation of their sound evolution. There are less manic riffs than Fever to Tell had; it seems like they're following that natural progression that bands have as they get older and more successful. Songs start to mellow out a bit, maybe more ballads. The new songs, work, however, and don't diverge from what they've done before, but rather, expand.

The new song Zero, is a good example of a song that bridges the albums. There are a couple tracks that are basically dance songs, but with the YYY sensibility, and other songs broach the Arcade Fire territory, which, I think, are fucking rad.

The main thing, though, is that there are songs that I can just picture live. I have yet to go to a YYY's show (because Ticketmaster sucks so much ass), but I can just feel the live vibe from them and imagine where in the set list this song might go. I think it's track 4 or 5 (put the album in and just play it, then I learn the song titles after playing the album a few times through).

I will say, Karen O is the pin-up girl for this website, but a good rule of thumb for me is to just listen to the music and stay out of my favorite artists personal life. Likewise, I enjoy when they stay out of mine. So I have no idea how much of her stage wardrobe bleeds into her regular life, and I hope I never know, so it won't tarnish how much I enjoy the music. Luckily, I don't think they'll ever be so big she'll be in People magazine, and she's kinda funny looking, so I think she's safe.

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