Lyrics I can relate to: Louis Logic

I would like to start putting up some examples of lyrics that I find especially entertaining, poignant, or, most importantly, that sound like I would have written them. You know, if I had artistic talent and knew Engrish better. I submit for the approval of the Midnight Society a song called "Morning After Pill" by Louis Logic. In it he examines his relationship with alcohol and it's inevitable effects on your psyche the following morning. He also talks about how a pill which cures hangovers would essentially change his life, or at least his partying habits. I first heard this song on a hangover day at about 3 pm, which is about when the shame from the night before starts subsiding and the late-afternoon depression upon realizing what a beautiful day you squandered starts to set in. So this song always stuck with me and if my career path eventually leads me into pharmaceutical research, you can bet I'll be searching for a hangover cure (the "drinker's morning after pill" as opposed to the "slutty girl's morning after pill").


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