It's no secret that we're fans of SNL here. You watch it enough and you're bound to see something interesting involving the musical guests. Whether it be Ashley Simpson's lip synching faux-pas, or Jim Carrey playing his leg as a guitar during a Foo Fighters performance, I'll end up watching the musical performances of people I don't really like to be sure I don't miss anything.

This past weekend, when Duane "The Rock" Johnson hosted for his third time, there was a small, but super awkward moment. So, the host always introduces the musical act, then at the end of the show, leads the good nights, and thanks everyone. This particular episode featured a cameo by Justin Timberlake (always pleasantly game for whatever SNL throws at him) and Jessica Biel (as a human incarnation of Jessica Rabbit). During the goodnights, The Rock thanks his boy Justin, his Girl Jessica both standing to his left. On his right side is musical guest Ray LaMontagne, but instead of thanking him he skips straight to Lorne Michaels and pats his own back for the show.

He completely forgot to thank the musical guest he introduced twice! Ray's face completely soured (though he doesn't strike me as a dapper guy to begin with) as soon as Duane skipped to Lorne's name. When the music kicks in, he turns to an associate, no doubtedly whispering "He fucking forgot."

Granted, in the scheme of SNL surpises, this was a small one. I don't recall ever seeing that before, but man, that was super awkward. I wonder what happened back stage after that. I bet Ray skipped the after party and he and his band talked shit about The Rock at some Lower East Side all night vegan cafe.

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