C-Fleck and JDubb

Joaquin Phoenix has quit acting. He's pretty good, so it's kind of a shame. He said good bye in a semi drunken haze on the red carpet of his last movie. He wrote "good bye" on his knuckles, though he was a little off as he flashed them to the paparazzi.

The best part of all of this is he's teaming up with brother-in-law Casey Affleck (the Affleck with street cred) as Affleck documents his burgeoning rap career.


His first show is tonight in Las Vegas. This is going to be amazing?


Stroker Ace said...

I'm actually disappointed by this. I've liked Joaquin for a while (mainly because of the cleft lip he had as a kid), but I've just recently jumped on the Casey Affleck bandwagon after seeing The Assassination of Jesse James... This stunt has already been called out by defamer as being bullshit, and Affleck is said to be making a mockumentary on his transition to rap star. I hopped on the IMDB message board for Phoenix and people are saying that they are LITERALLY praying to god that this is a joke. I, on the other hand, am seriously hoping that this is legitimate. I think that as a joke it falls horribly flat, but I'm not going to fault a guy for trying an ill-advised career move once he's accumulated F U money. Also, he may be gay:

punch-drunk said...

Yeah, I hastily put up this article and neglected the "set up" angle. For that I apologize. I do agree with you, as a joke, it falls flat and I can't in any reasonable scenario believe he is actually doing this. If it were real, I figure there would be hints of it, like old friends regaling TMZ of impromptu freestyles on set and MC battles against other celebs.

There is video of the performance from last week somewhere, if I come across it, I'll link it.