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I'm one of a handful of people who still watch and like Saturday Night Live (or SNL as it's known to it's friends). In particular, Andy Samberg is always a gem and now it looks like his Lonely Island cohorts are getting in on the action.

[click through for embedded video]

This is a nice fix for everyone yearning for more goofy musical comedy from these three. There are countless clips that can be embedded, but here is one of my favorite ridiculous moments. (Embed your favorites in the comments).


Stroker Ace said...

So I was curious how that works when Andy Samberg wants to have one of the other guys from Lonely Island on a digital short. It was kind of surprising, since I can't really remember any other SNL sketches where someone was allowed to bring in non castmates for parts that could have easily been played by castmates.

I thought it was a pretty good song, probably better than my choice. But something about the Space Olympics bit has just cracked me up since I first saw it. Again, it's not a "funny" bit, but the song is kind of cool and it's just absurd enough for me to like.

Can't get the video to embed, so follow the link:

deepcomputerblue said...

Actually, Jorma Taccone(the other singer in the clip) is a cast member of SNL, albeit not in a performing role. Jorma and Akiva (the DJ in the video) are both on the writing staff, thus keeping intact the entirety of the Lonely Island within the confines of SNL.

This digi short is unique, though, in that it was the second of the broadcast--this has something to do with the fact that the song is going to be the lead single off TLI's first official album "Incredibad." I'm actually pretty excited to hear the tracks on the album, which was made last summer while the guys were on break from SNL and not working on the flop that was "Hot Rod." I think the album will be a mix of digi short faves (now minus audience laughter interference) and new collaborations with artists like Norah Jones and the singer from the Strokes.

As for my favorites, I got to put "The Shooting / Dear Sister" at the top of the funny list (plus, it introduced me to the hilariously pretentious world of Imogen Heap), while the music in "Iran So Far" holds up for me as a well-produced song on its own, more so for the Aphex sample. In fact, I am actually kind of excited to listen to a high-quality version of "Iran So Far" sans audience laughter.