the way she moves

I usually skip the music guests on SNL unless I know I like them, or are curious about them. With Beyonce, I neither like, nor dislike her and pretty much know what to expect from her aurally. So, I just let her performance run whilst I worked on other tasks (read: dicking around on the internet). Before her second song, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"* I was unaware it existed as I am not abreast on the popular arts.

Not only was the song catchy in that "I won't change the station when this song comes on" kind of way, but her dance was god damned mesmerizing. I found myself stopping what I was doing to watch her every move. She was intense.

Plus she was part of this sketch. Enjoy it on whatever level you choose.

Enjoy them before NBC takes them down.

*According to the title, this song is under protest from Stroker Ace. Feel free to cross the picket lines and watch anyway.


Stroker Ace said...

Why am I protesting the video? This is one song/video combo that I like, but I don't approve of promoting women flaunting their bare thighs to guys that refused to get married when they wanted to. It sends the wrong message to young girls.

Also, I didn't notice the drummers in the background the first time I watched the SNL performance, but they were pretty cool.

punch-drunk said...

you're protesting because the name of the song has a parenthetical. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).

And I agree with your disapproval of the message the song relays.

There goes the youtube link for the SNL skit.