Justice vs. Simian

I know that I've openly criticized Justice before for their lame hipster euro-trashy ways (even I don't know what I'm basing these assumptions on), so writing a post about them may seem a little odd. But when I heard this Justice vs. Simian song, my interest in it followed a trajectory that seems typical for upbeat electronic songs: at first I wanted to hate it, then I found myself humming along and liking it in spite of myself, then I became mildly infatuated with it and started hearing the subtleties of the song which, in turn, only made me like it more. I'm pretty sure that is exactly how I came to like songs like Daft Punk's Around the World and ATB's 9pm. It's a vicious cycle. (As a side note, did you know that the ATB song's official name is "9pm (Till I Come)." I'm boycotting all future song names containing subtitles in parenthesis. Just terrible.)

This song has all the ingredients of a classic electronic song, but it is wisely all built upon an extremely catchy and likable sample/hook. The way the phrase "come on" is sang really gives the song an energy that I'm not sure it would otherwise have. I like how the woman's voice really starts to sound strained, as if she really is really passionate about this and is imploring you to Come On!

Unfortunately the video doesn't really live up to the song, though it is built upon kind of a fun idea. I just don't think it was executed as well as it could have been, and whenever video concepts are lifted directly from lyrics/themes from the song, it kind of reeks of a lack of creativity. It's a decent product, but the song is still much better than the video:

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