Danzig and Mr. T (finally!)

So I'd be hard pressed to think of a shittier music video concept than Glenn Danzig's piggy mug on the screen for 3 minutes, desperately trying to look badass. But that's the angle that they decided to go with for the original Mother video. The result is a classically bad (well, really just boring) video from the eighties that doesn't do a great song justice:

And I can't find any reference to it online, but that is Cameron Diaz dancing around, is it not? An interesting side note: Danzig was singled out by Rick Rubin and offered a deal on the spot after Rubin saw him perform. He also produced their first couple albums.
Anyway, I much prefer this spliced together mash up with Mr. T. I guess this was from a day and age before background dancers were allowed to practice their choreography:

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