"FYI: DJ Dan Wilcox is KILLING it on KCRW Right Now"

Dan Wilcox is KILLING it on KCRW, live, as I type this sentence. 1:18 AM Sunday morning, 4/20 2008. Killer tunes, and I am thankful that I live in Los Angeles this morning, driving home.

[Personal highlight: DJ Dangermouse's Grey Album Remix of Jay-Z's "Justify My Thug," one of the few Grey Album tracks that could almost surpass the Black Album original.

Sample lyric:
Mr. President, there's drugs in our residence
Tell me what you want me to do; come break bread with us.
Mr. Governor, I swear there's a cover up
Every other corner there's a liquor store - 'f--- is up?

Plus, I always really enjoyed this fan-made coverwork for the Grey Album.

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